Strong Enough For Love

by Nicole Lisa Craig



released August 24, 2014


all rights reserved



Nicole Lisa Craig Toronto, Ontario

Nicole Lisa Craig is a compassionate musician who lends her angelic voice to ENTERTAIN, INSPIRE, and LIFT people to a better state of mind. Her performances feature ethereal vocals and smooth guitar picking, blending elements of Indie Folk, New Age, Classical, and Alternative. ... more

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Track Name: Night-time Sunshine
You’re my night time sunshine, You make me feel so fine, so fine
When you put your hand in mine through the best and worst of times
You’re my lover and dream date, and is it ok to say?
That I think about you in that way, ay ay ayay

Dm G Dm G
Oh the way that you take care of me…I know that I am lucky

You’re my force from behind when I stop to think and fi I ind
That I’m taking way too much ti I I I ime
You’re my map and compass, and whenever I get sick
You cut me ginger and carrot sticks

You’re my crystal ball when I call and I say that I have hit a wall
And you’re always there to catch me when I sleep fall
You touch me in ways that I cant believe, just how good it can really feel
To be with the one I love and together to turn the wheel

To a brighter day and an easier today
When the dawn breaks and the suns rays
Shine on the path that together we take

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